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This website was created with several goals in mind. On the desktop site, the user is presented with visible links to social media sites, multimedia and merchandise. To create a brand for the group, the artwork of the most recent album was used to theme the website. Below the fold, the user is presented with Fuzzripper's music across multiple platforms, followed by future events for those who want to see the music live. Another goal was to allow the band to make updates without assistance. The website was created with Wordpress so the band could manage the news posts. The events were embedded using BandsInTown so the band could update their events using forms instead of code.

Just like most of their merch and album art, Fuzzripper wanted to keep an eighties cult horror feel to their website. This was kept in mind while keeping the site modern and attractive and navigable across multiple devices.

The website is responsive and mobile friendly. The mobile version of the site is just as easy to navigate with a collapsible menu and social media menu. The music platforms and event list are just as easy to navigate on mobile as on desktop.